Add Some Sugar to Your Day

Add Some Sugar to Your Day

Cool off at an ice cream shop in Brookfield, CT

There's nothing like enjoying a scoop of creamy ice cream on a warm Spring or Summer day. Visiting the local ice cream shop is a great way to cool off and make memories with your family. That's why JJ Stacks has teamed up with a local ice cream company to serve specialty milkshakes at our restaurant in Brookfield, CT. You can pair your next triple-decker dish with a cool, refreshing milkshake.

Wondering which flavors to try first? Learn more about our fresh-churned milkshakes now by speaking with our staff.

Combine savory and sweet

The beauty of having an ice cream shop and burger spot in one building is that you can mix and match your favorite entrees and shakes. Maybe you want to try a fried chicken sandwich with a strawberry milkshake or a triple-decker burger with a chocolate milkshake. Either way, you'll feel good about treating yourself to our dishes.

Stop by our restaurant in Brookfield, CT today.